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नित | छोटी सी उम्र में कई ज्योतिषी संस्थाओं से सन्मानित रह चुके |

ज्योतिष् घराने की पाँचवी पीडी से खानदानी पंडित अक्षय शर्मा (महान समाधान कर्ता) 25 साल से स्थाई ज्योतिषी - अध्यात्मिक - कर्मकांडी - तांत्रिक शेत्र में ट्रिपल गोल्ड मेडलिस्ट एवम् भ्गु ज्योतिष् रत्न से सन्मा नित | छोटी सी उम्र में कई ज्योतिषी संस्थाओं से सन्मानित रह चुके |

Lucky Number Specialist

Any individual who has truly endeavored to wager on the lottery and Lucky 10, every once in a while presumably confronted the issue when motivation some way or another halted and after that all of a sudden you don't comprehend what numbers to wager. Here; we bring you present the fortunate number authority in pune who will depict you which number will bring benefit and the misfortune. As the world is constantly inquisitive to gain more in a brief timeframe, where they discover the lottery as a best medium where they can play for desire sum. Just a single fortunate number master in pune can control the fortunate number for us, or lottery ticket is for your advantage. Crystal gazing can disclose to you right fortunate numbers perfect time to purchase, the correct time to satisfy every one of the fantasies throughout everyday life.




Really splendid and satisfactory service. Astrology services for a Black magic purpose i have conacted themAstrologer Akshay SHarma, They are given a solution offered for the problems are simple and easy to follow. For that I paid 5000. Excellent service from them.



I am nisha from delhi i am very happy after result give Me Astrologer Akshay Sharma my friend can not talk with Me but i Will contact guru ji three days take my work guru ji do it so i am very happay

Rohit Sharma


my name is rohit from chandigarh i lost my love when i found Pandit Akshay Sharma g . after 3 days i got my happiness again i got my love back.. this is my guru g...very powerfull baba g

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